We believe that you don't just GO to church.  We believe we ARE the church! Our desire is to equip each believer with intentional steps to fulfill the mission.  If you implement the BLESS strategy into your daily routine, you will be empowered to do just that.  What exactly is the BLESS strategy?

B- BEGIN with prayer.  Ask, "God, how do You want me to bless the people in the places You send me to?

L- LISTEN to people.  Find out their story, struggles, and victories in the place God sends you.

E- EAT with someone.  This is not just "eat & run". It's not quick.  Have a meal or a cup of coffee.  Eating together builds relationship.

S- SERVE those around you.  Show random acts of kindness to friends, neighbors and strangers alike.

S- SHARE your story. When the time is right, share the story of how Jesus changed your life.