It all started with a lady...

As a denomination, The Foursquare Church has a unique history that stems from missions and evangelism. It began as a powerful evangelistic movement and spread throughout the nations to become the global family it is today.

In November 1910, Aimee Semple McPherson came back to the United States after a mission to China.  In 1918, she started a trip by car across the country evangelizing. By that December, she set up headquarters in Los Angeles. Over the next 5 years she ministered to thousands, leading to many miraculous healings verified by the American Medical Association.

The first Foursquare Church was built in 1923, and is still in use. Today, ICFG, also referred to simply by "Foursquare", has over 8.8 million members in over 67,500 churches in more than 150 nations.