Our Life Groups is where we build relationships! We offer a number of groups throughout the week, creating opportunity for people to attend one or more, depending on their interests and time. Although we do provide prayer groups and studies, we also encourage those interested in leading a group to think outside the norm.  We have had game groups, dodgeball groups, and more. One never knows what might be offered. Maybe you'd like to lead, or attend a book club, or simply spend some to unwinding over a chat and a "cuppa". Our Life Groups are typically at the church building, but some have been in homes, and even or in Riverton. Our groups run for 6 weeks generally, with some ending anad others continuing longer. During the summer "vacation" period, our groups have stepped back, with the intention of revving up this fall. When we get to that point, the Life Groups will be listed here, with a synopsis, days and time, and the leader. You can also go to our Events page where they will be listed in the Calendar.